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OLWG#44 – Steady as She Goes

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Having made a pledge to post my responses to the On-Line Writer’s Guild prompts within 4-days of their posting, I am 5-days late. I did write this on Thursday last, but I was on a ferry en route to France where I spent a few days walking in the sun, shopping, eating far too much, and generally having good time.

Thanks to TNKerr for posting each week, and waiting for me to catch up.


Steady as She Goes

‘Hold it steady.’

‘I’m trying.’

‘You’re very trying.’

‘Do you want me to help?’

‘No. I want to be able to do it myself. It would be quieter.’

‘Yes, but you can’t balance the bike vertically and apply enough pressure to move the nuts.’

‘I don’t need reminding.’

‘You decided travel by motorbike was more environmentally friendly, and would be easier to work on if ever something went wrong.’


‘You did. Fewer emissions, more fuel economy. More wrinkles for me and the need to slather on moisturiser, as if I need anything to accelerate the affects of old age.’

‘I meant about it being easier to work on. I never said that. I don’t know what I’m doing. At least car engines are laid out relatively the same way. I don’t know what’s what on motorbike.’

‘So why are we doing this?’

‘Because I want to try. Or because I’m a bloody-minded fool?’

‘You said it. You don’t have the patience these days. Or the time.’

‘That’s true, about the time at least. Will you hold it steady?’

‘Will you give up and phone a garage?’

‘In a minute. Just let me see if I can – Bugger.’

‘Here, use this.’

‘What the?’

‘Well surely a ratchet at this point would be easier than a spanner.’

‘You said you didn’t have it.’

‘I said I hadn’t found it. You didn’t give me time to get to the bottom of the tool kit before you started moaning and digging out the right-sized spanner. As I said, you’ve got patience issues.’

‘You didn’t tell me you’d found it.’

‘No. I was being bloody-minded.’


‘I felt like it. I’m here to help and all you do is complain. It’s not my fault your bike went wrong, again. It’s not my fault you’re not a bike mechanic. It’s not my fault your bike is too heavy for me to pin between my knees and hold steady while you push and heave trying to remove that seized nut.’

‘Fine. I give up. Let’s call the garage.’

‘I didn’t say – ’

‘You didn’t need to. You’re bored, fed-up, annoyed, whatever.’

‘It’s not that black or white. I feel useless. The one thing you want me to do, hold it steady, I’m not equipped in the strength department to do, so I feel inadequate. You can’t do what you want to and I can’t do what you want me to.’

‘Thanks for the ratchet. These nuts will go back much more quickly.’

‘But – ’

‘You’re right. This is stupid. I’ll phone the breakdown people, get the bike taken to be fixed by someone who knows what they’re doing. We can start on the fence instead.’


‘It’s sunny outside. We can paint the fence. Hey, hold it steady, I’ve got two left.’

‘And then I’m going out.’


‘You paint the fence if you want to, but you’ll be doing it alone. I agreed to help with your bike. I said nothing about giving up my day to get your other jobs done.’

‘What do you want to do instead?’

‘Go for a walk. Enjoy the sun while it’s here.’

‘Fine. You’ve convinced me. Just as long as there’s a beer halfway.’


‘Finished. That’s the last one back. Let’s get going.’


This week’s prompts are:

  1. black or white
  2. use this
  3. bullshit

Go ahead and dive in, set your imagination free!
Write something
Ready, Set, Go – you have 25 minutes, but if that is not possible, take as long as you need.

Have fun


Written by Sarah Ann

April 10, 2018 at 2:50 pm

OLWG #35&36 – Picture the Scene

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I’m getting very behind with the Online Writer’s Guild prompts. I’m not sure what has gone wrong with my usual disorganisation.

I started the scene below when the prompts for #35 first appeared, and then incorporated some of those of #36. I’m still catching up on the most recent posts…..

Thank you to TNKerr for keeping me on my toes.




Enter Stage Left: A woman walks in on her partner who is sitting at the kitchen table counting…..


‘One Milwaukee. Two Milwaukee. Three Milwaukee. Four -’

‘You timing something?’

‘Not anymore.’

‘Oh. Sorry.’

‘Never mind.’

‘But you obviously do.’

‘And you obviously wanted to say something.’

‘Did I?’

‘I imagine so or you wouldn’t have interrupted.’

‘No. Yes. Maybe.’

‘So what was it then?’

‘Oh it’s not important.’

‘It was important enough a minute ago that you needed to stop me counting.’

‘I said sorry.’

‘I know but you haven’t told me what you wanted.’

‘No, well you’re all het up now.’

‘I am not het up. But I will be if you don’t tell me what you wanted to say.’

‘I don’t feel comfortable saying.’

‘And I doubt you will be in a minute either when I leave the room.’

‘Why would you do that?’

‘Because I don’t want to shout at you, but if you don’t get on and tell me soon what it is you wanted to say, then I just might.’

‘You have no patience.’

‘I have the patience of Job. Now talk.’

‘What were you timing?’

‘What did you want to tell me?’

‘We’re going round in circles.’

‘Indeed you are. Me, I’m leaving.’

‘But – ‘

‘All you have to do is tell me what you wanted to say.’

‘I asked first.’

‘No you interrupted first.’


‘You’ve said that already. What you haven’t said is what you interrupted me to say.’


‘And you’re not going to now are you?’


‘See you later then.’


Partner Exits Stage Right




The prompts are all below. I’ve highlighted the ones I think I covered.


  1. The epic properties of ordinary
  2. Can you hand me that please
  3. Fraught
  4. Milwaukee
  5. right at them
  6. the high cost of loving



Don’t think! Write!
You have 25 minutes but if it takes longer – just don’t tell anyone.


Written by Sarah Ann

February 20, 2018 at 7:47 pm

#FridayFictioneers – 5/5/17 – Dwell Not

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Every Wednesday Rochelle Wisoff-Fields publishes a photo prompt to inspire writers to write 100-words of flash fiction or poetry.

At any point during the following week, the Friday Fictioneers post their 100-word tales. Read the other stories by clicking below.

I stared and stared at this week’s prompt and couldn’t muster anything. Then I began to think about decay, and this strong female character turned up.

Thank you, as ever, to Rochelle for hosting and Sandra for the photo.

Copyright Sandra Crook


Dwell Not

(Genre: historical fiction; 100-words)

The hall’s fading splendour cuts Elsa deep. She once thought to reign here. Old Edward had favoured his cousin umpteenth times removed. Until the housemaid begot his brat. None fully believed; Edward was too proud to deny.

Elsa married a different cousin, strengthening the line with six healthy children.

The housemaid died of pox. Her brat is barren, however frequently and forcibly he humps; he ages speedily. None wish to bear his scion, or bind themselves to a house that rots while he gambles.

Soon Elsa will return as widow, residing while her sons restore grandeur to house and name.



Written by Sarah Ann

May 5, 2017 at 5:40 pm

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