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OLWG #27 and #28

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Here are my responses to two sets of OLWG prompts because I’m very behind at the moment, but I do enjoy the challenge of coming up with something for these. This week I’ve been superbly lazy and incorporated the prompts in my short pieces, as that gave me even fewer words to come up with. Sticking to the tried and tested I’ve gone for a haiku, American sentence and cinquain for each set of prompts. Thanks as ever to TNKerr and the OLWG for these.



full moon plundering

people asleep in their beds

get away with it


Auntie loved cats. Here near constant refrain, ‘Here kitty, kitty, kitty.’



How do you plead?

They shouldn’t ask me that.

Don’t know. Can’t remember. Don’t care.

Death row.




putting on a show to woo

those we love or need


Grandfather loved gratuitous sex and violence. Grandma left him.


Hoped for,

and there it was:

All she could ever need.

Her prayers answered by living souls.




Written by Sarah Ann

December 17, 2017 at 1:22 pm


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I have finally got to posting my response this week’s OLWG prompts and had fun with an American sentence, a cinquain, and a haiku. I used the prompts as titles, but that’s boring. For a great poetical example of what else you can do with them, go see TN Kerr’s wonderful post.


She smiled that way

He spent years waiting. And here she is. Time’s up. Gorgeous; his assassin.


It’s a curse


Springy tight curls

Sally hated her hair.

Everyone else loved it, not her.




Money to burn

shock inheritance

party hard and long, repeat

easy come, gone soon


Written by Sarah Ann

November 25, 2017 at 11:40 am

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OLWG #24 – George – #amwriting

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It’s prompt 24 for the New, Unofficial On-Line Writer’s Guild, and I played it safe this week with a 100-word cheery (?) tale. Somehow this week’s prompts felt as if they should stay together.




George slumps into his chair, head resting against an antimacassar thickened and stained with grease. The chair is an island in a sea of filth. The house hasn’t been cleaned since Maggie. There’s been no tidying, sweeping, or cooking. George moves about by sliding across the ever shifting rubbish strewn everywhere. Sometimes he’s sure it moves of its own accord. He doesn’t care.

There’s been no laughing since Maggie either. That he misses. The keen edge of his spirit was blunted by her passing.

Pills in hand, George cradles whiskey in a glass, his staple sustenance, and longs for release.



This week’s prompts are:

  1. Whiskey in a glass
  2. The keen edge
  3. Antimacassar

Use these prompts to write anything you like and would enjoy writing. Or ignore them and write whatever strikes your fancy. I like that idea too.


Written by Sarah Ann

November 16, 2017 at 4:04 pm

OLWG #22 – a haiku, an American sentence and an American Cinquain

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There are some things that, once started, are hard to stop. So it is that I’ve pitched up again with a response to this week’s OLWG prompts. Sticking to micro-poetry means I can actually respond to the prompt. I am not a poet, but I am having fun playing with these tight structures. Once again I’ve taken the prompts as my titles.


What happened here?
door hanging open
possessions strewn everywhere
neater than before


I have seen the devil
Social services: baby snatchers disguised as ordinary Joes.


She won’t be having any more
She hurts
Stomach bloated
Fizzy pop rebelling
Food dissolving, churning, turning


With thanks to the New, Unofficial, On-Line Writer’s Guild and TN Kerr.

Written by Sarah Ann

November 2, 2017 at 3:10 pm

OLWG #21 – American Cinquains

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As usual, I’m a little late with these as the new OLWG (#22) prompts are already up, but I’ve had fun this week attempting to write American Cinquains. These are 5-lined poems with a 2, 4 ,6, 8, 2 syllable pattern. For a more eloquent description, click here. The titles below are the prompts.


I’m gonna be late for work


But not in time

To catch the non-stop bus

Jump on bike, race away quickly

And hope



Mud caked

Grey wallowing

Bulbous flanks, massive jaws

River horses dancing in lakes

Thick skinned


Wait till your father gets home


She thinks I am

Know I’m supposed to be

But dad doesn’t care about me

I know


They had one greedy son


Ate for them all

Forty-inch chest aged ten

Racing towards diabetes

Too soon


King of Clubs



To upset he causes

Committee will have him replaced

In time


I do

He asked

I smiled, said yes

My life became weddings

Dresses, seating plans and favours




With thanks to the New, Unofficial, On-Line Writer’s Guild for these prompts and a new challenge.


Written by Sarah Ann

October 30, 2017 at 6:21 pm

OLWG #19 & #20 – American Sentences – #amwriting

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I have been meaning to participate in the OLWG (The New, Unofficial, On-line Writer’s Guild) writing challenges ever since they started. Three prompts are provided weekly to write to, you pick one, two or three, and post your response (full details here.) I made sure I stuck to Guideline 7 and had fun.

When TN Kerr posted about American sentences, with a great explanation and terrific examples, I saw a way in. This week I’m catching up on OLWG prompts #19 and #20. I’ve taken each one and used it as a title to set the context of my American sentences – 17-syllables left to right. I might have taken the prompts too literally, as I scribbled these in a quiet moment at work when I should have been paying more attention to what was going on around me.


My names not Bud

Clean and dry. Light and fizzy. Suited to a good meal as well as fries.


Southern Comfort and Smoke

After the lynching came the fires. She loved ol’ school hospitality.


Pull on Your Coat

Sky turns black. Wind whipping trees and tugging loose flesh. Deluge imminent.


Dirty Little Secrets

Going through paperwork when Mum died, I found out who my father was.


The Cure is Worse

Car runs red light. Numerous ops later he pleads for amputation.


Nothing they tell you is real

News report: battles lost; water shortages. “Life goes on as normal.”



Written by Sarah Ann

October 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm

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