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#FridayFictioneers – 5/1/18 – (In)Substantial

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Every Wednesday Rochelle Wisoff-Fields publishes a photo prompt to inspire writers to write 100-words of flash fiction or poetry.

At any point during the following week, the Friday Fictioneers post their 100-word tales. Read the other stories by clicking below.

I think I’m stuck in a semi-autobiographical rut. I wrote a story for last week’s prompt all about spinning plates, and ran out of time to post it. I have to say, I’m a much more linear-thinking person than my protagonist below.

© Roger Bultot


(Genre: general fiction; 100-words)

Her life is a notice board of lists and torn out articles, held together with pins and tangles of string. It confuses everyone but her: the whorls of disparate events and their non-interconnectedness. It is the only way she can make sense of the world.

Linear is shaky, too straightforward and can be pushed off course by the slightest collision. Single gossamer threads break easily. Nets and webs allow for movement, change, adaptation.

She knows life didn’t used to be this complicated, but forgets when it became so. This is how she copes: loops and convolutions leading to clear sightedness.




Written by Sarah Ann

January 5, 2018 at 2:36 pm

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