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Reporting on writing in progress or, more probably, not; practising flash fiction.

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Next week is the week set aside to read 85000 words I think form a book. Other people have read the words and encouraged me in the belief they are a book. After a long period when the manuscript and I have done nothing, it is time to decide whether to leave it alone forever and move on to develop new ideas, or to concentrate on getting the work published.

I have packed the manuscript in my rucksack, along with the diaries that are Priority 3 on my wish list of things to get done this year. I always give myself more to do than I can ever acheive, and write similarly over-long lists of jobs to do. I’m not sure why I do this. It seems a silly idea as I am always going to fail, but it would be worse not to have anything to look forward to.

Here’s looking forward to a week of productivity, one way or the other.


Priorities for the next fortnight: read putative novel; work on short stories; read through boating diaries.

Ongoing projects successfully met: I am now crocheting eggs for Easter; this is my second blog post in as many weeks.

Fails: blog reading has not increased; Italian practise has gone by the wayside; the piano is getting dusty; short stories have been neglected.

Written by Sarah Ann

March 8, 2017 at 10:02 pm

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