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Ligo Haibun – 7/3/14 – Blossom – Hawthorn

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This week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge offered the word prompts, Sword or Blossom.



The crone spends the winter bent double, knock-kneed, black limbs close to the ground. Her arms wrapped around herself, twisted fingers reaching out occasionally to pull hair and pinch skin.

With lengthening days the hag dons a gown of pink-tinged white, she opens her arms and stretches towards the sky – winter-witch becomes beautiful maiden. As she blossoms, Belle showers the earth with her bounty; petals dance in the air and scatter the ground in blessing. But she is young and pretty for far too short a time.

As the days warm, her white dress thins and disappears, but she is not left naked. Shoots broaden and leaves fill out to cover her soul, and maiden becomes mother. Through the summer she grows thick and nurses fauna. Come autumn her red berries offer sustenance; before the cycle of the year completes, leaves fall, and she is crone once more.


blossom the bringer of life

brings joy to the world

gone in the blink of an eye

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Written by Sarah Ann

March 13, 2014 at 8:28 pm

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  1. Ah.. this reads like a beautiful fairy-tale or fable.. actually I thought how well the fable format would fit in a haibun.. if one looks a Aesop.. the terse wisdom at the end could almost be a haiku… really something to develop I think.. and yours is a great start.

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