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WIP Update – Late August

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I haven’t written much about works in progress recently because there hasn’t been much to report. I have continued plodding away without any breakthroughs or revelations. It doesn’t help trying to do too many things at once.


(1) Having had 6 people read the third draft of my book Pippa (working title), I am about to complete the fourth (or it might be the fifth) edit, taking their comments into account. At some point I have to stop polishing and get a professional to read it. Being as I am a great one for procrastination (write lists of what I need to do and then do every job under the sun to avoid looking at the list) I asked for some help and emailed a friend. She works as an editor in Maths education publishing so I asked if she knows any fiction agents/ editors I might approach. (It’s not what you know…). In the process of writing this email I admitted that I had so far avoided attempting to write a synopsis. I’ve thought about it a lot but not managed to put finger to keyboard. It’s true what they say: telling someone you’re going to do something forces you to do it. I ended up with half a side of typed A4 before my brain started to hurt.

I haven’t yet done my reading on ‘how to write a synopsis’. There is a school of thought (learned during my PTLLS course last year) that says try something first to see what you know about a process before learning how to do it properly. You might surprise yourself by how much you already know. Regardless of the merits or not of the first draft of my synopsis itself, it did highlight that I seem to have mislaid a character right at the end that I hadn’t noticed and neither have any of my beta readers. It might not be important, but it is something to think about as I do my next edit and is something I can ask of the readers.

I have downloaded some notes on ‘how to write a novel synopsis’ and need to do the reading. Two weeks later, my friend hasn’t replied to the email.


(2) A Year in 200 Words (working title) was going quite well when I returned from holiday. I had lots of time to scribble in long hand (to type up later). However, picking up flash fiction challenges has given me less time to type, and filling my day with painting has given me less head space to write, so the entries have become quite boring. However, the process of living with characters every day has resulted in me knowing them quite well and I have ideas of how to develop their story and relationships. The 200-word daily entries will form a basic skeleton on which to build next year.


I have been reading all about mainstream and self-publishing, with a view to publishing (3) my old boating diaries and (4) an anthology of my short stories. I’ve collated together stories that have been shortlisted in competitions and started to give them a final edit prior to publication. I’ve even gone as far as contacting a couple of illustrators I know regarding book covers. My habit of procrastination had to give way at sometime.


And then there’s my next book …. an idea that popped into my head based on some experiences hubby reported recently. So the brain is willing, if only the flesh was more resistant to sleep.




Written by Sarah Ann

September 3, 2013 at 9:04 pm

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  1. Goodness girl slow down 🙂 Seriously well done on you WIP’s – I have none at the moment – I am struggling to WP anything! 🙂 x


    September 4, 2013 at 3:19 am

    • And now I’ve told you about them I have to keep working on them all. 🙂 WIPs have to come second to earning a living though. How’s the training going?

      Sarah Ann

      September 4, 2013 at 10:31 am

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