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Two for Tuesday #14 – Mirror Mirror

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I’m very late and very rushed with my Two for Tuesday Challenge entry this week. I haven’t edited as much as I would have liked, so hope this makes sense.

Andy’s two prompts this week were:

Standard Prompt:
charcoal grill

Non-Standard Prompt:
This week’s alternative prompt is a call to channel your inner Gregory Maguire (the author of Wicked). Retell a familiar story from an alternative point of view. As per usual with the Non-Standard Prompt there is no word limit (to allow for more in depth explorations) but there is a minimum of 200 words.


Mirror Mirror (281 words)

Seven year’s bad luck be damned. What’s another seven years? Next time that bloody mirror insults me, it’s going to fly. That will make me smile, to see its face shattered into a thousand silver slivers as it hits the wall and smashes to pieces. The light will catch each jagged shaped as it scatters and showers into the room, creating a health hazard for any bare-footed fool who happens to walk by, but the glittering and sparkle as it explodes will lighten my heart.

I didn’t ask to be queen. I didn’t want to be left by my love and descend into the miserable, self-centred wretch that everyone thinks I am. That wasn’t the plan when I married my prince. I don’t suppose he wanted to die young, but he chose to go bareback jousting. I told him it was a stupid idea, but he never listened. Instead he left me widowed, childless, and in charge. Now this new kid has turned up, claims to be heir or some such. And he’s a prince so, as soon as he finds his princess, they’ll usurp me.

I have to make clear it wasn’t my idea to poison the apple. I’m not the only one who’ll lose out. I have courtiers and advisors who don’t hold out much hope for their futures under the new regime. Given the option, I’d charcoal grill the lot – my advisors, not Snow White and the Prince. In fact thinking about it, why am I still here? Better to leave of my own volition than be forced out, or killed. I’ll even leave them the mirror. It’ll make a nice house-warming gift. Until she reaches my age.



Written by Sarah Ann

July 1, 2013 at 8:38 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Bravo! you’ve done it again, two in one! A great little tale and when you get the other side of the story, the queen is not so evil as we think! Great stuff. I hope you had fun writing it. I put a deadline up there to give you some focus and incentive to get writing but if you post on Wednesday because you ran out of time, what am I going to do–take your birthday away? I’d rather get a story late than not at all. Keep em coming!


    July 1, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    • Thanks Andy. It was fun to write, to try to make the queen to be more of a victim of circumstance. And I need deadlines. My problem is working to them. I usually read the prompts when you post them (or soon after), but somehow I don’t get round to writing about them until the weekend (and this weekend I just forgot). Having looked at #15’s prompts, I’m struggling to imagine what I might write! Thanks for hosting this increasingly challenging challenge.

      Sarah Ann

      July 2, 2013 at 8:33 pm

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