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WIP Update – April 2013

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Q: How can it be difficult to write 200 words a day?

A: When you’re trying to write from life and from a character’s point of view at the same time. I can’t keep it all in my head.


I’ve read through chapters 1 and 2 so far (January and February) while continuing to add daily entries. There were little edits, typos identified, and changes of emphasis made in both. However, where I just read and scribbled on Chapter 2, reading Chapter 1 identified questions I need to address:

1.) I need something to happen – something to carry through from beginning to end. At the moment my character is planning her wedding, to take place in the final week of December. Is that enough? No!

2.) What is Fred’s job? The fiancé, the second most important (or featured at least) character in the book. I need to clarify his back-story. So far I know he has two children from whom he has been estranged, but they are talking again as we open.

3.) Write more about Becca and Stephen – said estranged children. I know what caused the estrangement, but I don’t know where they live. Fred was picked up from Heathrow after visiting them at Christmas so they don’t live locally, but why are they in one place and their father in another?

4.) A number of friends and acquaintances are mentioned in both chapters. None yet has any back-story and all need fleshing out, especially as some will appear regularly.


I have made the small edits to chapter 1 and re-printed. I now need to go through with a highlighter to flag up all the characters who need their lives describing more fully, and to identify the story elements that will be followed through the book. My character is a potter so she will be modelling and glazing at different times. She has yet to meet her future step-children. She meets up with a friend in the village twice a month – what do they do each time? And she seems obsessed by the weather – will that continue or wane? And then I need to make the changes to Chapter 2 bearing in mind to make sure any issues raised in Chapter 1 have been followed up, or will be in Chapter 3.

This is a juggling act I’m not sure I can handle, but I am enjoying the challenge.



Written by Sarah Ann

April 22, 2013 at 7:44 pm

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