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Weekly Writing Challenge: Dystopia!

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Last Monday’s Daily Post Writing Challenge caught my interest. Pity it’s taken me a week to get organised enough to post my thoughts. This is a second draft that needs more work but, if I don’t post now, I never will. A journalist responds to…


Big brother keeping an eye on you. Fighting to the death for a live TV audience. Being turned into meaty pellets of goodness when you reach maturity. Struggling through grime and smog while a rich elite quaff champagne and make with their decadent follies. Discovering you’re a robot and that all of your memories are implants. Falling in love and then realising that you’re a clone destined to be carved up for spare body parts.



Death of the Smartphone

Parents have started to adopt the previously gang-only punishment of amputating thumbs. Doctor-recommended, medical amputation is becoming the first line of defence for parents who have been unable to communicate with their offspring for a period of 6-months or longer. Teenagers obsessed by social media, who spend the majority of their waking hours with their heads in front of a screen, are being stopped from talking to friends, acquaintances and strangers by the most drastic means.

The advent of the Smartphone, initially heralded as a breakthrough in human development, has, to many minds, become a curse, and the hours our younger generations spend online are no longer seen as harmless.

Children were initially given mobile phones for safety reasons – to call parents for a lift when the bus failed to turn up or a train derailed. This emergency-use phone became a pivotal tool in the arsenal of the cyber-bully.

The Smartphone’s contribution to economic growth (because one was never out of touch with the office) is now being questioned as more and more individuals are signed-off work with stress because they are forever in job-mode.

The phone became event smarter with the advent of Google glasses, but this was a short-lived phenomenon. Products were withdrawn after too many people died crossing the street, and in accidents, whilst paying attention to the feed in front of their eyes instead of the world around them.

The mini-computer we all carry around in our pockets has become the pariah of modern society.

Many middle class families are going phone-free and reverting back the desktop computer in an attempt to reintroduce family life. The cost of buying bulky table-top machines has been spiralling upwards. Laptops and Smartphones, once out of the reach of the pockets of the poor, are now chickenfeed for the lowest strata of society.

Crime figures are also changing. Muggings, brought down by the instant disconnection of any stolen phone, are on the increase as people begin to carry cash like their grandparents used to now they no longer have a cashless payment system about their person.

The well-worn argument regarding chipping human fingertips, as we do our pets’ ears, is once more on the agenda…


Written by Sarah Ann

March 4, 2013 at 8:06 pm

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