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WIP Edited. New Project Progressing.

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Thankfully the purpose of this blog has changed. It’s less a report of excuses for not, and more a showcase of what I am, writing. I’m going to have to change that tagline.


The latest stage of editing my titleless WIP is complete. At the end of the second draft, the penultimate chapter was one of the ones I liked best. During this edit I wondered what it was doing. I know its purpose in the whole, but the emotion and wording was belaboured and over done. It’s been shaved, a lot.

The last chapter is also completed and I’m not happy with it. I had left myself notes to expand and pad out, but haven’t. Consequently, I think it’s too short and I’m not sure it adds much either. The reader knows where the story is going from the end of chapter one. Do I need to rub it in?

Next week I’ll start proofreading for typos and then it goes to the beta readers. I’m compiling a list of questions for them to answer: Are the characters individual and recognisable? Does the structure (3rd person chapters alternating with 1st person emails) work? I’m too close to it now. I need some independent input.


Work progresses well on A Year in 200 Words (working title). It seems writing 200 words a day in longhand is manageable, and I’ve only forgotten to write the required words once. The next task is to collate and edit a month’s worth of entries and hope the story is going somewhere. There are lots of ideas floating around that need pinning down.

Written by Sarah Ann

February 7, 2013 at 4:47 pm

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