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Reading blogs is dangerous

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Blogs are great for learning about people’s lives, for finding new and unique creative writing, and picking up tips on ‘how to’ where people have gone before. They are bad for sending me off on the trail of new adventures and challenges. Last week I had my first try at a Trifextra 33-word weekend challenge, and Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Following Sandra, Mike and Björn has introduced me to others – Five Sentence Fiction, Inspiration Monday, Business Card Fiction – and left me wishing for 48-hours in every day.

With hubby leaving me home alone for most of two days every week, I have more time to write. As well as attempting new things, I have been keeping up with editing the third draft of my WIP. I read somewhere (probably on an advisory blog-post) that one way to proofread is to read aloud. I’ve been doing that as I edit each chapter, but don’t think I did the same with my MC’s inter-chapter emails. I have two chapters to go (well, one to edit and the last to finish) and then it’ll be back to p. 1, looking for typos and missing full-stops, instead of the minutiae of the story or character dialogue. I don’t want starting from p. 1 again to turn into a form of avoidance. Sending the manuscript to my beta readers could be seen as such.

During the edit I’ve noticed that chapters I was happy with at the end of the second draft are now the ones I like least. Chapter 13 was written quite early (although it appears 2/3 of the way through the book) and that showed during the edit – there was lots of chopping, changing and cutting required. I’ll be interested to see which chapters my beta readers highlight as weak. Hopefully one of them will come up with a title for me too, as I’m still struggling. The working title is the name of the MC – unoriginal, unimaginative and uninformative.


Written by Sarah Ann

January 29, 2013 at 7:38 pm

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