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While the cat’s away…

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… this mouse is working too hard.

Hubby is in Las Vegas with my mum. Everybody thinks this is weird. They go off playing and I stay home to look after Dad. All this involves really is making sure he’s fed and being on hand to deal with an emergency.

I had planned to use my four days of relative inactivity to write. I had dreams of taking part in NaNoWriMo, but decided against. Mid-November is now taken up with a decorating job for friends. While I might have been able to front load my word count this weekend, working all hours to transform an 8-year-old’s bedroom in three days means the impetus to write will evaporate along with the water from the wallpaper stripper.

So I thought I’d edit instead – get a great big chunk of my third draft tidied up – but the list of jobs I could do while hubby was away started to spread on to two sheets of A4. I’ve worked on our jewellery website (making use of my mum’s broadband), I’ve done a great chunk of the annual stock take, and I’ve washed and polished floors. While I can usually move hubby and furniture into another room to expedite this task, hubby has developed an aversion to the floor wax – it gives him a headache. I admit the vapours are quite strong, but I remain unaffected, either positively or negatively – and the boat now has three shiny floors with one more to do today. Which brings us to Sunday.

Sunday. Dad’s out all day with a friend. I will have silence and a plentiful supply of electricity and so I will write. Only I won’t because I’ve just been called and asked to take our jewellery to a craft fair. The possibility of earning a few pennies now outweighs the risk of not earning a fortune later. So I’ll edit on Monday.

Written by Sarah Ann

November 3, 2012 at 2:04 pm

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