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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been finishing off a personal statement for a job. This was a hypothetical job for teaching hourly sessions of jewellery-making at an adult education college, completed as part of my PTLLS course. I haven’t written a personal statement since I applied for university 20 years ago, and normally apply for jobs by completing an application form. With me not yet being a peripatetic teacher of jewellery, and only knowing so much about teaching theory and practice, the personal statement was a good exercise in creativity.

Writing a statement for a job I might or might not do was made tougher by the need to fulfil certain criteria. It wasn’t writing about my ‘knowledge and commitment to inclusive learning’ that was difficult, but keeping on message and sticking to one subject per box. Can resources and environment, motivating and engaging learners, and feedback and ground rules be separated and squeezed between the bars of a table? Do personal job statements usually include a reference section? As my study buddy said in her last email, it turned into a sort of waffling-essay-type-of-thing. At least my lesson plans were made up of bullet points and will hopefully balance out the never-ending paragraphs of the other.


Since writing the above, I’ve received feedback on my lesson plans and they were judged to be okay. The one thing my tutor suggested was that I made the learners do a bit more work – interactive learning is best.  Next week I will teach and receive feedback from my peers. Let’s hope we’re all not being too nice to each other. And once all my learning is over, I can get back to editing.

Written by Sarah Ann

September 1, 2012 at 11:42 am

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