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Excuse#17 Busy doing other stuff

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After rain, a bit more rain, and lots of miserable light-stealing cloud, the jet stream moved north last week and summer arrived in the southern half of Britain. It was time to get out and enjoy the weather while we could, so hubby and I were stuck inside a 6×6-feet windowless concrete box refitting a kitchen. While the sun shone and washing dried on the line, we were butchering carcasses to fit the non-square walls, cutting worktops, scrubbing sinks, refitting a tap that just wouldn’t stop leaking however many o-rings and washers we replaced, tiling and aligning doors. A two-day job became three, stress and humidity levels rose, but by Wednesday it was done and we were congratulating ourselves on a job well done. The friends we’d be helping out were pretty pleased too.

Before all that I attended an introductory enamelling course. This was a re-learning exercise as I’d lost the knack through under-use. It was great to relax over the weekend after the intensity of the teaching course of the previous week. I played with colour, sprinkled dry enamel, tried to paint with it wet, and bent copper wire to create a cloisonné drum.

Teaching, enamelling, kitchen, and then homework teaching assignments. Needless to say editing has suffered in the light of so much activity.

This weekend is our last jewellery fair before the autumn. With river levels down at last we are able to move upstream. We have three weeks ahead of us when we have nothing booked. We can move the boat, read course books, walk in the burgeoning countryside, make the most of holidaying at home, and I can edit.  And we need to get on, as the latest cheerful weather forecast says the jet stream, and all it brings with it, returns mid-week.

Written by Sarah Ann

July 28, 2012 at 9:43 am

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