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The week started well….

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On the tube, first thing Monday morning, I was in the zone and editing well. And then I got to college and it’s been non-stop with other stuff ever since – meeting students and tutors, registering at the library, borrowing books, reading course handouts, interactive talks, brainstorming, listening, note-taking, reading library books, more note-taking and homework assignments. I know it’s an intensive course, but I’m knackered.

In a couple of months I will (hopefully) have a City and Guilds award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, which: “… covers the basics of teaching in continuing and adult education – including how to plan sessions, motivate learners and use a variety of assessment methods. It’s a first step towards official practitioner status – a full licence to teach in the lifelong learning sector.” (

It all sounds a bit dry, doesn’t it? But I’m having so much fun! And I now know more about learning styles, the teaching cycle, meaningful learning, the feedback sandwich, and a bunch of new people.

In the meantime it’s continued to be wet in the southern part of the UK and the rain lashed countryside is collapsing under the weight of verdancy. Last week there were mowers out along our stretch of river that cut down the thigh-high vegetation. Immediately, all the snails and slugs disappeared. They reappeared in the evening, clustered on the abandoned stalks. This has carried on for days since.



Unfortunately, whenever we leave the boat now, we are continually apologising to the latest snail we have failed to miss with our wellies.


Written by Sarah Ann

July 18, 2012 at 11:40 pm

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