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Done it!

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Well, I’ve managed it. All of Pippa’s emails have been read, scribbled on and the changes typed in. In terms of printed pages, they make up a third of the story so far (43 compared to 80 for the chapters) and account for almost 28000 words.

Not long after I started this morning, my blue pen for editing ran out. Is this a sign that there was too much re-writing required? Or was it just a poor quality freebie? It was a very comfortable pen, picked up at the London Boat show a couple of years ago. We used to receive free tickets from the company that sold us the boat engine, but last visited in 2011. Wandering around was like walking back in time through a bad Bond movie. There were young women everywhere wrapped mummy-like in black swaddling, but only from the top of the breast to the top of the thighs. Maybe I’m just an old misery, but it smacked of exploitation rather than girl-power. There is no comfort, and can be no confidence, in wearing clothes that threaten to bear your underwear if you move suddenly.

I’m off to do some painting now, to help clear my head of Pippa’s thoughts and prepare it to start re-editing the bulk of the story.


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July 11, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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