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Excuse#16 The weather

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The sun is out this morning, but I’ve learnt not to trust it. It shone on Monday morning and soothed me into thinking I could get on – fitting jobs in between the downpours is a task in itself. So I stood, sanding-block in hand, ready to rub down and oil the last side of the wheelhouse. There was a puff of wind, it began to drizzle and twenty seconds later we were under the latest rain front. Not to be thwarted, I used the dull light that remained for the rest of the day to wash down the walls in the bathroom and bedroom. The study floor is still stacked with books waiting to go back on shelves.

This morning, while hubby attends the last day of college, I sprayed the knots emerging through the old paintwork with stain block. At 8am I was starving, after having finished a healthy-sized bowl of porridge with banana and apricots only an hour previously. Why do paint fumes do this to me? Hubby gets a headache (hence me doing the smelly work while he’s out). A nursing friend gets as high as a kite. Me? I just think of my stomach. It’s the topcoat tomorrow and the books go back on the shelves Friday.

A wildlife update: we are inundated with moths. Whether this has anything to do with the weather, I don’t know. Living on a river does expose us to all sorts of fauna and, normally in June, we experience a couple of weeks of moth invasion, but this year is exceptional. I found some nestling behind books and pictures as I removed them to clean walls in the bedroom. If these moths, that flit across our faces as we try to sleep, are related to the clothes-eating variety, then we’ll be lucky to find a jumper to wear come autumn.

On the editing front, all is well. I hope to have finished with Pippa’s story by the end of today and will print the other chapters afterwards – if the sun stays out and gives me enough amps to drive the ancient, power-hungry printer. It’s been good to learn that all my scribbled on notes, disjointed arrows and text changes, do make sense when I go back to them after a break. My course in Preparation for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector runs Monday to Friday next week. I’ll be staying with mum-in-law in London and getting the bus and Tube into college. From the experience of travelling to my interview, this will be an ideal opportunity to get on with more editing.

On the paid-editing front, the company I signed up with last year hasn’t sent any work since March. They emailed mid-June to ask if I’d like to join a team of daily editors, and haven’t been in touch since. I answered another advert on gumtree this week, filled in an application form, and received a positive reply. The email and website could both do with a bit of editing. In some places the English used suggests it has been translated by software from Chinese. Do I point this out and suggest corrections, or wait until I’ve done some work for them first?

It’s 9am. Despite sitting outside and breathing lots of fresh air, I’m still hungry. I’m off to search out a slice of bread and butter before getting Pippa to the end of her tale.


Written by Sarah Ann

July 11, 2012 at 9:08 am

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