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Better late than never….

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Editing of the second draft is ongoing, slowly.

Last Wednesday I wasn’t sure whether I’d manage to do any writing as I had a college interview  – for a short course not a job. I had to spend 40 minutes on a bus, and an hour on a tube, and didn’t think I’d be able to concentrate on editing. I was surprised by how much I got done – so much that I ran out of pages to edit and spent the journey home reading the Evening Standard.

Reading Pippa’s emails back-to-back has highlighted where I haven’t followed up on themes or questions asked. I have been able to see that Pippa speaks with once voice and has annoying quirks of speech, which would not be obvious reading the story with a chapter in between each insert. Her change of mood with change of circumstance is also evident, as I hope it will be to my readers in due course.

Since then, it’s been all go. We have done a two-day journey up river in one. Having had to spend so much time sitting out strong flows, and with more wet weather forecast, we needed to get moving. As usual, the forecast did not live up to expectation and we spent a nice weekend with showers only (as opposed to the wind and rain we’d been expecting) entertaining friends. With the boat moored safely, we drove to London to re-decorate mum-in-law’s hall and stairs – in two days. We will probably never work so fast again, on so little sleep. The spare bed sounds like the mattress is stuffed with cornflakes – every movement is noisy and anti-soporific – and the curtains might as well not be there. Now back home again, I’m looking forward to some sleep and am happy to report that my English was good enough to get me on the course.


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June 28, 2012 at 2:02 pm

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