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Onto the third draft…

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Following a couple of fallow weeks, when my writing concentrated on the facts of historical boating, I had forgotten enough of my characters’ lives in Bristol to return to them. As previously indicated, I have separated the body of the text from Pippa’s emails in order to edit them separately. Yesterday, I started work on the third draft by re-reading Pippa’s correspondence.

I was soon scratching my head and reaching for the caffeine. There is now so much blue pen scribbled on the pages that, if I glance at them casually, they look like a new bruise. There are arrows heading up and down, sentences chopped in half, phrases cut, paragraphs re-ordered, and, on the back of each page, more words to add. And I only got to the end of page 4. The jumble of instructions means I won’t be reading all 40+ pages before going back to the beginning. This time, I need to transfer the changes from the hardcopy straight to the Word file so I know what everything means.


Will I understand all this next week?


Looking to the positive, I wasn’t appalled by what I read. Pippa’s first email has now become the first page of the book (as currently outlined in my head). In doing so, this needed a lot more work. Her tale needs to grab the reader and drag them in wanting more. I don’t think it does that yet. Later on, Pippa comments on characters and their relationship to her. This is a gentle way of introducing them to the reader and will result in some welcome cutting of flannel from the main text. I’m making notes as I go so that I remember the changes I need to make in the hope I won’t end up with too much duplication. Let’s hope I can marry up notes to changes when I need to.


Written by Sarah Ann

June 7, 2012 at 11:48 am

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  1. Oh well, the thought was there. On page 1, I seem to have left off an arrow so was left with a sentence hanging. I found somewhere for it to go, and then chopped up another sentence. It’s done now: until the next time.

    Sarah Ann

    June 7, 2012 at 1:28 pm

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