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Last week a coot decided to take up residence in one of the tyres we use as fenders. All during Wednesday, a coot crossed from Surrey to Middlesex with twigs stuffed in its beak. By the end of the day we had neighbours telling us we’d have to stay put for six weeks until the chicks had hatched and fledged. Hubby shooed away the coot and upended its nest hoping it would be sensible and make its home elsewhere. No such luck. On Friday morning, we had a coot curled up on a few twigs, some rubbish, and an egg. We also had a dilemma. Did we take the coot with us up river, away from her territory and mate? Or did we shoo her out in the hope she would find somewhere else to lay another egg?


Not much of a starter home.



Written by Sarah Ann

May 28, 2012 at 5:37 pm

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