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I’ve reached the last chapter.

Chapters 14 and 15 had hardly a blemish scrawled upon them, much like Pippa’s emails, and were easy to edit, until Word froze. I hadn’t saved the changes to Chapter 15. There were few, and the chapter is short, but it wasn’t much fun having to go back through trying to remember where I had made subtle changes of nuance or reworded the start of a sentence. I think I found most of the changes but did get a little lost towards the end where I had added a new paragraph. Chapter 16 was covered in pen with a whole new section to add, and 17 didn’t need much work. After adding a couple of new emails from Pippa, by the time hubby got home from college on Wednesday, I had stated editing chapter 18 and was feeling pleased with myself.

I have a list of jobs to do in during the next read though – to adopt a consistent way for Pippa to end her emails; to add in scents and noises as appropriate; to pull out and make the most of my characters’ idiosyncrasies. Once I’ve finished Chapter 18, I’m going to read through from page one on screen, to make sure all the story is there, and then print and read, to find the holes and tighten. This time, instead of printing chronologically, I’ve decided to separate the chapters from Pippa’s emails in order to see whether the two can stand alone in telling the same story from different points of view. I live in hope and optimism.

We were able to move the boat this week, but got stuck again almost immediately. The Environment Agency has red warnings – i.e. move at your peril – issued for our stretch of the river so we will be trying to make the most of the enforced stopover – more editing for me!


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May 10, 2012 at 4:47 pm

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