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On editing and water

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Chapter 12, in contrast to the previous two chapters, was covered in scribble and took longer to edit as a consequence. There was no quick reading and adjusting of the odd word here and there. Instead it was a slow process of scrolling onscreen to where I had to add, cut or move half a paragraph up or down the page. The whole does now read better but I felt a little despondent when I reached the end to find the last hand written comment: ‘Er, naff ending. Needs reworking again and not sure this adds anything.’ Thankfully, I didn’t feel the same on reaching the end of the chapter this time.

A note at the top of Chapter 13 read: ‘This is awful,’ and there was more blue pen visible than type (despite having shrunk all margins to make full use of the page). A note at the end read: ‘Not sure of the point of it at the moment…’ By 11 o’clock this morning that chapter too had been largely re-written and I was feeling more positive about it. Was that the good mood of my characters, having ingested lots of fine wine and food, rubbing off on me? I will have to wait for the next re-read to see how these chapters sit (or don’t) in the whole of the book.


The Thames – full and flowing


It’s a while since I can remember having proper April showers – basking in the sun one minute, soaked to the skin the next. The rainy days of the last few weeks have brought with them some strange noises. There is increased flotsam flowing downstream and targeting the boat. The fenders attached to the side bang and squeal as they are squeezed and tossed about. And we are moored next to a drain outflow from the road above, which had me worried that the boat was leaking the first time I heard it pouring out.

One consequence of all the damp is that certain things on board are turning blue. Despite all the ventilation we have, anything that’s wooden and waxed (e.g., chair legs), is developing a blue bloom. I haven’t started on the spring cleaning yet and think I’ll wait until the sun comes out and stays out before I do.


Written by Sarah Ann

May 2, 2012 at 10:33 am

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