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Unlike Chapter 7, there is only a little hand-written editing on Chapter 8. Two characters turn up that have been mentioned previously in conversation/ as background, and morning coffee is followed by lunch. I started out pleased with the chapter but yesterday, as I typed in one set of changes and added some more, I went off it. Does it add anything to the story or tell us any more about the characters? Whereas I had been unsure of Chapter 7, and the extensive edits made it acceptable, the light editing on Chapter 8 makes it look weak.

During a second attempt this morning I realised there are two problems: (a) the semi-new characters’ dialogue is wrong and doesn’t reflect who they are/ have become during the edit so far; and (b) there’s no action. A group of four women meet and chatter over coffee – boring. Well, it might not be, but it is in this context and overly described – people walking down a corridor/ saying hello. Up until this point during the editing process I have added to the word count. Now it’s time to be brave and cut.

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March 22, 2012 at 11:25 am

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