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Change is better than rest

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Monday last week, hubby and I were wondering around Istanbul in the rain. Having spent the previous three days doing the sights (Aya Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace etc) it was time to return to Beyoğlu and the chandlers. Hubby bartered hard and we came home with brass letters for a new nameplate for the boat. This was our sole purchase after having being told continually we were in need of a carpet or leather jacket. We were even invited into a leather factory and given a cup of çay, but still resisted temptation.


Anyone for chain?


I can’t remember the psychological references about routine killing time but, with four days away doing something completely different, the speedway of February has slowed to a gentle amble through March. I seem to be managing to get through my lists of jobs and last week’s writing Wednesday was a pleasure. Probably, I was too laid back. I didn’t want to kill the mood by writing about ovarian cancer in Bristol and so concentrated on boating in the nineties, typing up old diary entries, and searching the web on ‘how to’ ebook.


Or an anchor?



After spending the weekend under grey overcast skies, the weather at home seemed better too. On the walk back from accompanying hubby to the car I saw my first bumblebee of the year, unfortunately trying to knock itself out on the wheelhouse windows. The Egyptian geese across the river were honking away and, just as I boarded the board, two kingfishers darted from the bank behind and shot off down river.



This morning hubby is being beaten to a pulp in the name of physiotherapy and I have an opportunity to edit.


Written by Sarah Ann

March 19, 2012 at 11:02 am

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