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Slowly it comes together

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Writing Wednesday was a success this week. I edited Insert 5, Chapter 6 and most of Insert 6 whilst still fitting in a bit of painting of the solar heater. Thankfully, Chapter 6 wasn’t as difficult to edit as I had foreseen. It doesn’t move the story on very far, but it does develop the relationships between the main female characters. I had thought about ditching it, but now see it as a bit of light relief and an important step in getting the reader to care about the characters. At least, that’s what I hope it does. But the chapter doesn’t end well. In fact, it goes out on whimper. Stacy, the main protagonist, is tired after a weekend of eating and shopping. I think I was worn out by her exertions too . Hopefully next time we’ll both have more energy to come up with a decent ending.

The edit of the first third of the book has been slow as I read and worked on screen. The next two thirds have been edited on paper and the pages are covered with crossings out, arrows spiralling around, and new words. I hope getting this section to second draft status will be quicker as I have willing readers lining up to pick holes once it’s done.

On the boating front, the weather has been calm and overcast and the solar panels and wind generator sit redundant. The solar air heater is still a work in progress. The central heating has settled down and is behaving itself. One odd thing is the swan that turned up Wednesday morning and has resided in the two-feet of water between the boat’s hull and the bank ever since. We have tried to shoo it out. Dogs have chased it out, but still he, or she, swims back to float in the limited space. We phoned the local swan rescue centre, but no one has been to visit or offered advice. Swans are not the nicest of creatures – they have a habit of hissing at anything and everything they’re scared of – but this one is starting to cause us concern. Maybe we need a swan psychologist?


Written by Sarah Ann

March 2, 2012 at 11:33 am

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