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Chapter 5 is edited. Or should I say written? The notes I’d left myself halfway through included: ‘Need to tighten this up a lot – dates and timelines, business model, and role for Richard in the firm’. All of that has been achieved, enough for the time being at least, and I can move on to Chapter 6, which I fear might need as much work. The opening line reads: ‘The entrance hall of the XXX hotel was DESCRIBE.’

At the time I wrote these chapters I was still trying to work out who my characters were and how they fitted together. As I got to know them, their backgrounds appeared on the page, but the reader doesn’t need all that (boring, wordy) detail.

Chapter 5 has been chopped, re-ordered and largely re-written into something that has the same voice as later chapters. I was worried about introducing Richard at this stage but, with references to his relationships with the key characters, I am more confident that this chapter sits well and in the right place. I didn’t want to cut it, or him, as I would have to have carried out a major re-write of Chapter 9 as I deleted Richard and his children from the world.



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February 22, 2012 at 4:25 pm

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