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Excuse#12 Garages and Lofts

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Clearing my parents’ garage seemed to take over our lives for a while. There were three runs to the dump (wood and metal recycling) and a few trips to the charity shop (books, ceramics). Boxes were re-sorted and the contents of some listed. Thanks to a friend who deals with auction houses regularly, we over-loaded the car twice and drove to Surrey and then Oxfordshire with assorted wares – from a box of display lighting to one of scientific instruments. We wait now for the cheques to come rushing through the post…. or maybe not. The good news is that Dad was pleased with what we’d done and there is now so much space in the garage that we were able to move in the ironing board, baskets, indoor washing lines and assorted laundry detritus, and Mum is deleriously happy.

And then we moved on to lofts. This Wednesday, writing gave way to moving yet more boxes, from hubby’s mum’s loft, in preparation for insulation installation on 12th January. We had planned to clear leisurely, over a couple of days, sorting as we went. It wasn’t to be. We hadn’t started before the company phoned to say they had a cancellation, could we be ready in 40 minutes? Thankfully they took an hour and a half to arrive as we waded through 70-years of dust retrieving scraps of old carpet, a 70s TV cabinet and boxes of school exercise books. Hubby had hardly returned from dumping the old loft boards (pieces of ancient wardrobe) before the men were heading to their next job.

On the writing front I think I have almost finished. Chapter 17 (told on Pippa’s birthday from everyone’s point of view but her own) went really well and I managed 3700 new words in a day. Chapters 16 and 18 are both only half completed and proving a little slow. I decided I needed to print again to re-read and make sure I have carried all the loose threads and divergent thoughts to the end. The last third of the story is sitting on the side tempting me and, when I have a spare minute over the next few weeks, I can curl up in a corner with a pen and edit. Hubby goes back to college on 11th Jan, but I hope to do some writing between now and then. It’s time I finished and started the second draft. Next week though, including visits to aged relatives and friends visiting from New Zealand, a funeral and a wedding, looks a bit full.

The online editing job I applied for in May got back to me last week demanding I contact them if I wanted to remain on their books. I was a little confused but a flurry of emails established that I have been accepted as an editor. I’ve let them know I won’t be available until the New Year. And I’m waiting to hear the outcome of an interview I attended a fortnight ago to do with teaching IT. I’ve a one in three chance so have to hope I stood out while I carry on applying elsewhere. I was supposed to have heard by now, so I’m hoping for good news and a new job in the New Year.


Written by Sarah Ann

December 24, 2011 at 12:25 pm

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