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Fog, batteries and other work stuff

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Fog has been hanging around the south of England since the weekend. This morning the weather woman reported visibility at less than 100m in west London. On the river everything is shades of grey, the only definition coming from coots skating across the calm water. The local swans are but pale smudges in the distance. Hubby had already decided to set off early this morning due to a traffic jam last week that meant he was ten minutes late getting to college. With the advent of fog, he left even earlier.

All this fog has done nothing for the solar panels and we’re into boat-battery-life-saving mode. So that’s no telly in the evenings and we’re charging the laptop at any friend’s or relative’s house we happen to visit. Last night the batteries hit 11.8 volts and we had to run the generator. Lots of boaters are happy to run their generators at all hours without thought for anyone else but we hate running ours. Even though it’s supposed to be super-silent and runs on LPG (so should be even quieter) it’s antisocial and we try to avoid using it as much as possible. Unfortunately, the current weather situation dictates that it’ll be chugging away again before the week is out. After spending the day at my parents’ waiting for a delivery that didn’t arrive, hubby ensured my laptop was full to bursting with power and banned me from going online as he wants a huge new word count to come home to.

Over the past few weeks there have been few opportunities to write other than on writing Wednesdays. The list of emails to write and keyboard related activities has only grown. When we are not selling jewellery, hubby and I are making it or updating our website. In the lead up to Christmas most weekends are sales’ opportunities and we meet people who “..have no cash/ cheque book/ cards/ inclination to buy today”, but will direct their husband/ granny/ sister to our website. In order for them to be satisfied and receive the present they desire on 25th December, I spent days last week adding their favourite items to the website. Was this a complete waste of time? Based on the number of sales we have taken through the website so far, I suspect it was, but if the items aren’t there, we can’t sell them.

The other writing that has been taking up creative juices has been job applications. Having been self-employed for 10 years I’m not hoping for much and have cast my net wide. I was rejected by Boots the Chemist after completing their online form: less an application, more a personality test. I seem to have the wrong personality to stack shelves and deal with frantic Christmas shoppers. I haven’t heard from the kitchen-shop people regarding the application I hand delivered three weeks ago. Do I phone or assume I’m not qualified even to answer the phone and do filing. I’m waiting to hear back on a part-time academic study skills post, but I’ve been out of academia so long I don’t hold out much hope for that one. And I have a personal statement for a home-based administrator to complete by Friday. But for the time being I’m supposed to be reporting on a triathlon in Bristol and building up that word count for hubby.


Written by Sarah Ann

November 23, 2011 at 9:34 am

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