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This Wednesday was one of minor achievements. After 800-words first thing in the morning the train hit the buffers and I ran out of steam. A 40-minute route march in winds rushing across the flood plain we are currently moored against did nothing to clear my head and move things on, despite trying to get inside my character’s head and then thinking about something completely different.

I seem to have energy and a writing head in the morning that dies around lunchtime only to come back mid to late afternoon. This would work fine if hubby didn’t then arrive home with tales of his day at college. I don’t begrudge him this time at all, but sometimes I wish he were perhaps half an hour later to let the latest cannonball leave the gun instead of getting stuck half way down the barrel. When I go back, sometimes only hours later, the gunpowder is damp and it takes an awful lot of prodding and poking to get the ball rolling again. So saying, with a long shopping list, hubby was home later this week and I was able to get another 500-words typed that appeared from nowhere. More importantly, I was able to get inside a stubborn character’s head from the morning and continue his February bike ride. (He does ride more than once a month. It just happens to be February he’s currently cycling through.) When the power ran out on the laptop I continued scribbling (with aching biceps) the opening third of the chapter and vaguely plotted the rest. At least we know what we’re doing now.

Between the morning and afternoon fiction sequences, writing took on a different form. I finally managed to start another blog detailing our (hubby’s and mine) lives afloat since 1994. I’m writing it up from diaries kept at the time so it’s not too taxing on the writing resources. And I completed a job application. That was a little more difficult as there wasn’t much in the way of information required. I put the single sheet back in the printer and covered the reverse side with all my transferable skills. In the meantime I cut and pasted from various cvs and applications and tried to make sense of it all. It would be so much easier if I had one cv that could be sent out to fulfil the needs of an Arts Administrative Assistant post as well as manager of a kitchen shop.

And now for this week’s odd boaty fact. I put a jacket on this week to go out in the rain and heard a buzzing vibration at my neck. Odd, I thought and adjusted my collar. When it buzzed a second time I threw off the vibrating garment to find a fat wasp sitting there half asleep. It must have flown in during the last few weeks and decided to hibernate there. And now we have to carefully inspect every coat, hat and scarf as we remove them from the hooks by the door.

Our current mooring spot is clear and uncluttered. When the wind blows, the turbine spins. When the sun shines, we get solar power (and much more now that the panels are sticking up in to the sky). Unfortunately, the weather’s been like this most of the week and the batteries are a little depleted…


Written by Sarah Ann

November 4, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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