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Holidays = bad time management

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Hubby has been on holiday from college this last week, which means all routine has gone to pot, my writing has been non-existent and my list of ‘emails to write’ has only grown.

When I sat down two Wednesdays ago to write, typing was difficult due to the constant need to wipe drips from the end of one’s nose. Thanks to a fellow student, hubby developed bronchitis and I woke in the night with a burning vice for a throat. Two weeks on, my nose has stopped dripping, but he’s still coughing. As a friend pointed out: “That’s the fun of school. He’ll probably be bringing head lice home before long.”

On the writing side of things, I managed to read through the last chapter of the middle section and inserted lots of notes. Having looked briefly at the first third, either I didn’t do much editing on the first read through, or it’s much more polished then the middle bit – a few hand written annotations are followed by chapters strewn with scribbles. Both sections now sit in a bottom drawer awaiting the end of the story, and an equalising edit.

Starting to write the last section, now in the New Year, took a bit of time. Reaching Christmas and the end of the year was a natural endpoint. Unfortunately, my characters and I were not fired up with energy and raring to do good things in the New Year. I needed to have more of the story sketched out before I stopped to read sections one and two because I am finding it difficult to move towards the end.

Since then, hubby has been home and ever present. While I got on with making jewellery in anticipation of good sales at the events we have in the run up to Christmas, he planned how we could lift our solar panels. They have lain flat on the roof since we fitted them a couple of years ago and, while we have excess power in the summer, the addition of a freezer to our electrical circuit this spring has put greater pressure on the system. The panels need to be angled somewhere between 14 and 30 degrees to the vertical rather than at 90. And so the last few days have been spent unbolting the old assembly, re-bolting a new one, and fixing brackets to the roof. Crawling around on unforgiving steel for two days, with delightful autumnal drizzle and wind, has done nothing for our knees, but hopefully a lot for the power production capabilities of the panels. We’ll see.

On a purely positive note, paraffin soaked teabags, along with traditional newspaper twists, make great firelighters and we haven’t had a fire not light on us yet.


Written by Sarah Ann

October 30, 2011 at 4:04 pm

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