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Recycling teabags

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Hubby’s been reading my blog. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I’ll have to be even more careful what I say about him now, but he didn’t say anything negative. In fact he came up with the idea for this post – teabags – which necessitated the addition of a new category – Oddball boaty things. I think he likes the photo as it makes us seem slightly more interesting/ weird than we really are.



No, we aren’t so skint that we have to recycle our teabags. As we buy the weakest tea in the shop, I can’t imagine the dish water that would result from reusing them. No, this is an attempt at do-it-yourself firelighters. For some reason we don’t seem to be able to buy firelighters like we used to – there are fewer in the box for more money and they don’t work as well. And what else do you do with your used teabags? We have tried them in the compost, but the bags don’t breakdown.

For firelighters, you dry your teabags, dip them in paraffin, store in an airtight container. Each one will then burn for about four minutes. I’m not sure that’s long enough to get the kindling going but we’ll find out when we start lighting fires in a month or so. The question is, have you ever tried to dry a teabag completely? Well, it takes a while, which is why we now have a make-shift teabag line in the kitchen.


Update – March 2014

We still dry teabags to soak in paraffin and use as firelighters – they work really well.



Written by Sarah Ann

September 25, 2011 at 5:52 pm

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