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Wednesday is the new Monday

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Hubby has gone back to school. Every Wednesday for the next year, and probably for two more after that, he leaves first thing and goes off to study. And I have the whole day to myself in which to write. So saying, last week as he waved goodbye he told me not to spend all day in front of the computer as I had the previous two days. Having accompanied him on the twenty-minute walk to the car I was a bit surprised when he suggested I needed to get fresh air on top of the twenty-minute walk back.

Having reached the sticky bit in the middle of my book – the beginning is written and I think I know what happens at the end – it was a relief to sit down and have my characters pick me up and take me on their journey. I got over the hump in the middle of chapter 8 and thence to the end. While it might be a load of rubbish that has to be re-written, it has allowed me to move on. After last week’s 3000-words, I have today added 2000 to chapter 9 and still have half the afternoon to go. At this rate I will have the first draft finished by Christmas ready for a massive filling in of descriptive gaps and an edit in the New Year. I’m not good at setting goals and sticking to them but this deadline does seem feasible and I’m going to be positive.

The only negative so far to being alone and writing seems to be an increase in caffeine consumption, both tea and coffee, and consequent trips to the loo. The phone hasn’t rung and I even managed to transfer a couple of redundant music cassettes to mp3 as I’ve typed. So all is good.


Written by Sarah Ann

September 21, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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