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Water water everywhere

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This weekend I went under the floor looking for my elusive Correspondence/ Rejections folder. It wasn’t in the first three boxes I dragged along the bilges, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I found lurking at the bottom of box no. 4. I’ve been more successful than I initially thought and have updated my ‘Success’ page.

Whilst under the galley floor I also looked out some photos for another writing project (our tales of life afloat) and found, to my slight dismay, water trickling along the base of our v-bottom. We think this water has come from one of our previous leaks, but we’re not sure which. Is it the fresh-water flush from the spare loo? Or from one of those times the float switch stuck and dirty washing-up water flooded into the bottom of the boat? Who cares? With the additional weight of the wheelhouse and a pair of full water tanks (two tonnes) the pitch of the boat had changed and all the water ran to the slight depression one-third of the way along. So Saturday and Sunday we had a 4’x2’ hole in the middle of the room to allow for intermittent sponging and pooling of water.

It’s all dried up now and the vast amounts of hydraulic fluid that were split when we had our hoses changed – a story of horrendous proportions that I might tell another time – have provided a thin film of oil all the way along which seems to have prevented any build up of rust. Mopping oil and water together makes for a disgusting sponge but smooth hands at the end of the day.

Written by Sarah Ann

September 13, 2011 at 1:13 pm

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