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Excuse#7 – Scrumping

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With our on-off summer (that’s a day of sun followed by one of rain) yesterday was an on-day. After an overcast early morning, we cycled to the supermarket in blazing sun. Exhausted and loaded up with groceries, we decided to take the long way back because it has far less traffic. Halfway along, hubby spotted an apple tree smothered in ripening fruit and soon we were weighed down a bit more. And then, slightly further along, there was an overladen bullace tree.

As usual, shopping had taken longer than expected and we did not head back to gather the fruits of the forest, actually a relatively newly planted arboretum, until after a snatched lunch. This time we strapped a basket to the back of one bike, which later fell off twice so laden was it with apples, and hubby cycled along one-handed with our telescopic fruit-picking pole in the other. Once returned, I was able to collect windfall apples while hubby struggled to reach the top of the tree and the fat rosy ones. When we got to the bullace, they were so over ripe and starting to rot that, as hubby stretched to collect them in his net, he was knocking off as many as he bagged.

You can just imagine how the afternoon disappeared with washing, stoning and stewing fruits into jam. But no, we have made one massive crumble for guests expected later today. Still, all that de-stoning did take an age, as well as chasing and rehoming the earwigs that emerged later in the evening from the basketful of apples we still have to deal with.




Courtesy of The British Larder Apparently, we came home with a bag full of mirabelles.

Written by Sarah Ann

August 25, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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  1. The bullace/ mirabelle crumble turned out to be a little tart, possibly something to due with the skin to pulp ratio? It’s disappointing when bullaces you can gorge straight from the tree start to resemble rhubarb once cooked.


    September 8, 2011 at 1:10 pm

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