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When the excuses run out

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It was Thursday this week before I realised that I hadn’t written anything on Monday. Instead, we got up early and moved the boat with a friend. Once we’d moored up, Monday afternoon disappeared into an early night after far too much rosé in the sun. Tuesday turned into the day to see parents and Wednesday we went to visit friends in Shropshire. Thursday saw us collecting ferns from the piles of bricks that used to be the pigsties and sheep pens surrounding our friends’ solid, impossible to heat, farmhouse. And Friday was a time to re-home the ferns in the new wheelhouse, consider how slowly and well the week had passed, and get on with jobs that didn’t get done while we were away.

Having failed again to write on the predeterminined day, hubby and I have agreed that I have to spend one day out of seven writing. Our higgledy-piggledy life does not allow for a strict routine, so we will have to impose one when we can, which is why, for the second week in a row, I find myself writing on a Saturday. Last week I struggled with chapter 7. I skimmed through, added lots of ‘to do’ notes and, on reaching the end, knew I had got there.  There is a lot of geographical infilling to do, but the bare bones exist to be edited heavily later.

In contrast, this morning Pippa, my main character, has come to life and my fingers have skipped across the keyboard. The book (ha ha) I am writing intersperses emails from Pippa with narrated chapters. Pippa’s emails are well in advance of the chapters describing the events she lives through, but it helps with driving the story forward and planning comes easy. Pippa tells her story until she reaches a point where I have to go back and fill-in for both of us what has been happening, which is where we got to before lunch.

Hubby spent the morning on his netbook and has since disappeared outside to do who knows what. The radio is silent and so, now I’ve gone through and re-ordered all my excuses correctly, I must return to September 2009 and describe what happens at the birthday party Pippa has recently attended and wants to tell her email pal all about.

Written by Sarah Ann

July 30, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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