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I was so confused in June that I got my weeks mixed up and references to Glastonbury were premature. Added to that, my chronology of non-writing excuses is a little awry and it would probably have been easier to pick numbers out of the air.

I did eventually free my characters yesterday, but it did take a little while to pry myself away from self-aggrandising. I drafted a couple of pieces for this blog, finally managed to collate the (limited) info for my publications page, and tided up wayward files and folders on my laptop before finally settling to work. When I did open the relevant folder I was horrified to see it was over a month since I had spent any time with my characters. No wonder they’ve fallen out with me. I had to read through chapter 7 to work out where the characters had got to, and where they needed to go next. Normally I’m able to resist editing as I go, but this was such a dire string of words that I had to do some re-ordering and lots of cutting. First sentences can be so wordy. And then I reached the point where previously I had cut and pasted, where the real work was needed to make a coherent scene. And then the friends coming down river to meet us arrived and the power ran out.

Living on a boat means we have to generate our own power. Over the previous two weeks of cloud and rain the (12v) batteries had been bubbling along at a low voltage, but yesterday morning the sun was out and there should have been amps flooding from our solar panels. It was early and we were in shade but, when he went to have a look, hubby discovered that, possibly during the building of the wheelhouse, one set of panels had become disconnected – no good for the panels or the batteries. No good for me as using the inverter (converts 12v to 240v) to charge the laptop would take even more power from the boat batteries and they take priority. Instead of charging the laptop I relied on an undercharged battery that slowly gave up the ghost as my poor brain looked at all the words I had cobbled together and decided that running away to re-charge itself with coffee was a better idea. Much coffee later it was time for a barbeque and then it rained again, but at least chapter 7 was waiting in a more manageable form for me to go back to.


Written by Sarah Ann

July 23, 2011 at 12:31 pm

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