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I got some words down…

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Last weekend hubby and I sat down and made a pact. I would have one day a week when I write and do nothing else. It doesn’t sound much but without routine nothing gets done. And so we decided on Monday. In the irregular pattern of our life, Monday is the day that we usually have nothing on. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days most likely to be tied up with antique or arty jaunts. The weekends present opportunities to sell our jewellery. And Fridays are used to catch up with the parents. So Monday it is. Hubby can go out and get the jobs done – shopping etc. – and leave me to get on with writing.

Monday dawned, only we missed it and got up late. I got on with the roles of a normal Monday and it was when we were in the supermarket that I realised I was supposed to be writing. Didn’t someone somewhere say a good plan is only as good as its execution? And so this week, Friday has become my writing day. Tuesday we went off to see the newly renovated Watts Gallery in Compton – thankfully it has retained its charm although the sculpture gallery could do with more cobwebs. Wednesday was a day of sorting post, banking and dentist (him not me), and Thursday we moved the boat and created jewellery in the afternoon. So it is today that I am to release my Bristolian characters from their limbo…. and I’ve started by writing this instead. But it gets worse.

Yesterday afternoon we heard that friends were coming down river to meet us later today. Over breakfast hubby said ‘You’re supposed to be writing today, but what with everything else going on, do you want to change the day?’ I could have screamed. While it is true that I’d much rather be continuing on the jewellery pieces I was making yesterday, if I don’t write today it will be the weekend and then it will be Monday again and I’ll have gone a whole week without writing anything, again. So while this isn’t necessarily productive, at least it is marshalling thoughts and getting the fingers limbered up. So now I’m heading back to Bristol.


Written by Sarah Ann

July 22, 2011 at 9:20 am

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