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Excuse#5 Gooseberries

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Okay, so maybe making jam isn’t a good excuse for not writing, but it does take time, more than I ever imagine when I start out. I was too tired yesterday to write after my first cycle in ages. I’m pedalling constantly as fast as my little (for which read short) legs can take me, in top gear, heart pumping and legs aching, while hubby moans he has to keep free-wheeling. It’s amazing what a difference of 2-inches in wheel-size can make. That’s my excuse anyway.

So, with exhaustion lifting a little this morning, I tackled the gooseberries and rhubarb picked from mother-in-law’s garden on Sunday. Stewed fruit, sugar added, jars sterilized, syrup decanted into pots and, before I know it, it’s lunchtime.

Time seems to be racing away while I achieve very little. It was an hour and a half in the bank yesterday morning while I tried to resist opening every account they had to offer. I’d gone in to open one; the very helpful lady wanted me to leave with three. (How do you fill in customer satisfaction survey honestly with the person sitting there keeping a beady eye on your every move?) The day before was lost to trying to sort out car insurance and this afternoon disappeared in an online frenzy of rearranging standing orders. Life can be so complicated sometimes. At least the wheelhouse is finished, if leaking in the heavy showers that have descended again. So after a jewellery fair this weekend, it’s back to writing…


Written by Sarah Ann

July 6, 2011 at 8:02 pm

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