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More wheelhouse

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The last two weeks have been full of measuring and cutting but, apart from compiling the cutting list, I’ve not had much to do with that. I have oiled, and stained and oiled, and oiled a bit more. The iroko frames for the wheelhouse windows and doors have to be oiled four times to make them weather-proof. Today I managed coat number three. The weather has not been kind – either wet or too hot for humans to move.

Physical work between 9am and 6pm, with things constantly going wrong and having to be corrected, does not set anyone up for writing. Frames have had to be lengthened, widened, shortened, and all for not jumping in and cutting first. But I’m just a female dogsbody with two male foremen ahead of me. Measure thrice, cut once. Or maybe make as you go along rather than to the plan and things might turn out right the first time instead of the third. Yep, some frames are on to their third incarnation.

I am exhausted. Hubby is exhausted and fed up with the steadily increasing costs and time over-runs. Our friend the chippy is fed up with things going wrong. The chippy’s wife is bored and wants to be on her summer travels up the Thames and the Oxford canal. And their dogs want it all to be over so they can have a proper long walk twice a day. It will all be over soon, but probably not soon enough for any of us. In the meantime my cast of characters in an end-terrace in Bristol are sitting biding their time until I can concentrate on their needs again. I could say that the pause gives me time to think, but I’d be lying. I’ve forgotten what thinking is all about.

Written by Sarah Ann

June 29, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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