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Excuse#4 Building a wheelhouse

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Building our own home took six months of hard physical and brain work. Writing went out the window and our diet consisted largely of peanuts – energy food nibbles while we got on with cooking a main meal. Since moving on-board our new boat two years ago the patterns of life have returned to normal, and the peanuts remain on the shelves. This week however has been a reminder of what it was like.

Monday the sun was out while we moved the boat and then spent the afternoon in the car driving to Guildford to collect, load and then unload again wood for the wheelhouse. Since then we have measured, sawn and rebated – much of it outside under a gazebo, as we attempted to keep wood and tools dry during a typical Glastonbury week, i.e, wet. The pile of 3.3m (x44x50mm) lengths of iroko has been reduced to a gaint game of hop-scotch laid out over the floor of a friend’s house. Their lush green garden has turned red with sawdust, which we hope the rain will wash away. This weekend we move on to mitres and biscuits and gluing the frames together. Next week we will install the skeletal building on the back of the boat. Then all we have to do is glaze it.


Written by Sarah Ann

June 17, 2011 at 5:33 pm

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