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Yesterday did not turn out as planned. I did, however, manage to write something. After breakfast, and before setting off through Windsor, I wrote about 300 words. Not much, and not words additional to the project in hand.

For a while I have been imagining the words I’d leave for friends if I died tomorrow – the thoughts that swirl through my head late at night and wake me in the morning. There aren’t any letters. If I am hit by the proverbial bus there won’t be any pertinent thoughts recorded. But what if one could plan for the day they died? What would they say to those they loved?

So I now have a female character of early middle age, recently widowed, deciding to move on and let her past life go. She writes to her friends and family, the people who have made a difference to her life, to tell them what they have meant to her and how they might figure in her future. In so doing we learn about who she is and where she came from. Or at least we will when I’ve written a lot more.

And that was the morning gone. We didn’t moor up until nearly three. While hubby popped out to look at polycarbonate roofing sheets – a story I’m sure to tell in the future as it’s an upcoming excuse – I returned to the print out of project #1 and continued reading. I actually managed to move chapter 7 on a bit. Only a little bit, but the ideas are flowing and there are some new words down on paper in amongst the cut and paste. I’m going back to it now….


Written by Sarah Ann

June 11, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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