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Excuse#3 Failing to earn a living

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For six days we sat in the Garden Gallery at Osterley Park. Hours went by without a soul finding their way from the stable yard through the door to where R and I sat.  We moved on from chatting about poussin bones to plumbing courses.

We spent a day with my dad in A&E with a low blood pressure episode and, once that was over, we moved west to meet friends coming up the Thames tideway. The next few days were lost to catching up on the last eighteen months.

All too soon it was the weekend again and we were stalling out at Oxford Castle and not selling much. It might be that the populace of Oxford still think the castle is a prison; it might be they are all too idle to walk the 100-yards from the Westgate shopping centre. I’m sure the great and the good using the Malmaison hotel don’t mind the quiet seclusion. The ‘Secret Cheese Society’ menu – a platter of cheese and bottle of wine for two for £19.99 – looked fun and something worth go back for.

This week we’ve been moving slowly up river with our friends mooring alongside. I’ve been spending the afternoons soldering pins to stud earrings and making rings, and another weekend is almost upon us. This one we won’t be trying to sell and the opportunity looms to write something substantial. We are alone, our friends having pottered further up river, and so, once we’ve moved in the morning, the afternoons are mine to do with what I want.


Written by Sarah Ann

June 9, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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