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Excuse#2 A week full of other stuff

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I started the week well, with writing featuring quite highly on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday we had to move the boat to be in a convenient position to commute, as we then had to go out to set up for a six-day jewellery exhibition.

It wasn’t difficult moving two tables and covering them with cloths. The creative impetus was stolen by having to type up from longhand the stock we’ve made over the past few weeks once we were home again. It is tedious checking figures over and over again, but they need to be correct. And then there was the mad idea of sending off an application to edit online articles. The pay rates seem crap but hubby found the job and I need to do something to pay my way, so name, address, and test piece were emailed off.

Wednesday until now has been spent chatting to the odd potential customer who wanders, bemused, into the gallery. We’re hidden around a corner behind a garden gate marked ‘Private’ and people wonder if they are in the right place. Sales have not been high. The wind and rain of Thursday put pay to many visitors with all of 16 managing to find their way to our hideout. One highlight of yesterday was talking to fellow jeweller R (stalling opposite) about the casting of poussin bones for one of her ‘Flintstones’ inspired designs. The ladies sheltering from the rain were in stitches.


Written by Sarah Ann

May 27, 2011 at 12:04 pm

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