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We moved all of two miles down river this morning, which was far enough in the gale-force winds creating waves against the flow. Once moored, hubby cycled off for an hour or so and I sat down to start reading my current manuscript from page one.

I made the odd word change, highlighted where I get far too wordy and need to replace a dry descriptive paragraph with conversation, and made notes on what to edit when I get round to it. Starting from the beginning again indicated that the story actually needs a beginning. It starts halfway through something, but I can work on that when I get to the end.

After lunch, while hubby was making some oar-stops from a redundant plant trough (We are very good at recycling and loathe throwing anything out that might be of use. This is a bit of a disadvantage on a boat with finite storage space) I was able to go back and do more.

With two-thirds (ch.s 1-4) of the print-out read through it was back to the keyboard to rough out 500 words of introduction. But, more importantly, I reintroduced myself to my characters and am back inside their heads. Now I need the time to continue telling their story.

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May 23, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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