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Excuse#1- Leaving too long between writing sessions

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I know I should write everyday, but I don’t. Too often life gets in the way – the mundane things of cleaning and cooking as well as the more exciting. But today, I had time. We were moored up for the day and hubby was out at the shops. I had at least an hour alone.

I clicked through to the relevant folder, worked out which document to open, typed a paragraph or so, and then stopped. The problem is that it’s over a month since I’ve looked at my manuscript and the actions of only one character were clear. Instead of forging ahead, as I’d hoped, I was stuck, not knowing where to take the next chapter, who exactly was involved, but mostly the ‘why’ of the whole scenario had gone. In an attempt to move myself on, I printed everything semi-finalised to date to re-read.

I didn’t get round to reading it. All too soon hubby was home (with bags full of Sunday reductions), my parents popped in for a cup of tea, and the afternoon was gone.

So, today wasn’t a great success in terms of word count, but I was in the right frame of mind for some of the day and did do something about it. Hopefully over the coming week, I’ll be able to read the hard copy, relive my characters’ back-stories, and get some new words down. I just have to resist editing anything I’ve written so far, and then there’s the little problem of a six-day jewellery exhibition coming up….

Written by Sarah Ann

May 22, 2011 at 6:39 pm

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