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Third time lucky

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This will be the third time I’ve started a blog about my writing.

Discussions about writing in partnership dried up when my partner stopped writing. She’s concentrating on screenplays now instead of the psychological thriller we were halfway through the second draft of. (Oooops, that’s a bit clumsy, but you know what I mean.)

Version two – my thoughts on reading, and the progress of writing my latest book – ceased when the writing stopped. The idea is still in my head and the characters are very much alive, but with hubby around all the time, opportunites to write are fewer. How people hold down a full-time job and then write in the evenings I will never know. My writing brain doesn’t function after The Archers.

So, this is attempt number three. The subtitle ‘Excuses for not writing that book’ is an apt one as they seem to be what I find most of the time.

In order to write I need:

(1) quiet – hubby likes Radio 4 on all the time;

(2) to know I have an hour or longer when I won’t be interrupted;

(3) to wake up in the right frame of mind.

It doesn’t sound too much to ask, but during the recent months, these conditions have been hard to find. Over the next few months (and years?) I’ll describe what has kept me from writing for the past three years or so, as well as detailing any ongoing distractions. And with any luck, I might be able to report on the story’s progress.


Written by Sarah Ann

May 20, 2011 at 5:07 pm

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